Toyota Land-cruiser - Custom Safari Built

Ideally built and constructed to suit the East African Road Terrain and off-road driving in the various National Parks & Game Reserves. We offer two different types of Custom Safari built Land-cruisers: The Standard Land-cruiser and the Extended Land-cruiser.

Standard Land-cruiser (7 Seats + driver)

  • Seating Capacity: Short Chassis, 7 seats (6 Guaranteed Window Seats + driver/guide).

  • Pop up roof for unobstructed game viewing (to protect from sunshine)

  • Winding windows on each side of the vehicle behind the driver’s and co-driver’s seat.

  • Roof hatch above the driver/guide and co-driver’s seat.

  • The longer hatch extends behind all passenger seats.

  • Luggage space at the back

  • A fridge or cooler box is placed in between the two seats at the back.

standard landcruiser

Extended Land-cruiser (8 Seats + driver)

  • Extended chassis with a seating capacity of 8 seats (7 Guaranteed window seats + driver/guide)

  • Ideal for photographers and any guests who prefer more space in a vehicle.

  • Pop-up roof (to protect from sunshine)

  • Front roof hatch above driver / co-driver’s seat than can also be opened.

  • Windows are winding or sliding in the rear.

  • Luggage space is at the back

  • The fridge in-between the two passengers in the back seats can be changed to another seat

  • Extended Land-cruisers are hired with our experienced driver guides

extended landcruiser

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