Located on the hills of Sagana, Nokras Riverine Resort & Spa is within easy reach for most leisure and business travelers. The Resort offers a unique combination of a hotel and of a residence experience. Uniquely placed next to the famous Sagana River within view of Mt. Kenya and breathtaking views of the surrounding hills, this resort allows our guests to have an exceptional experience in a perfect setting of the rich cultural countryside life.

Discover our quintessential accommodation thats characteristic of a modern lifestyle, yet full of natural beauty. Stroll through our beautifully manicured garden that will therapeutically shrink away all the pressures of your day-to-day life. And don’t miss to indulge in our other range of facilities that include:-  Fitness centre, Spa & Sauna, swimming pool etc to regenerate your senses.

Just at Nokras Riverine Resort & Spa.

Package inclusions;

  • Return transport in a luxury tour van.
  • Ten and 4 o’clock tea served with snacks
  • Buffet lunch.
  • 1 litre drinking water.
  • Professional team building facilitator where applicable.
  • Rafting instructors and life guards where applicable.
  • Guides and motivational speakers where applicable.
  • Professional photography.

Package exclusions;

  • Personal expenses.
  • Extra meals and drinks
  • Extra activities outside the package.

Important notes;

  • Rates are per person based on minimum 28 people per bus.
  • Rates are subject to the total number of participants( the more the cheaper)
  • These are introductory 2020 packages great offers await on confirmation.