The Diguna High ropes Course begins with the ascent on Swinging Rungs. Think of a flight of stairs, where each step is a cylindrical log, held down from the top using chords on each side, which makes it swing and sway in the wind. You step on the first rung, swing yourself forward to the next rung, which is further up. Grip the chord of the next rung and move one foot (the chords are still swinging FYI), and then release previous chords and move the second hand and foot (amid the swings) without unintentional splits.

Tremor Bridge – This is one of the hardest challenges on the course (even the trainer can confirm) but I found it SURPRISINGLY EASY (Did someone say Ninja Warrior?).

Logs in a Line – This horizontal challenge had two options – Walk on swinging logs arranged side by side (as opposed to ascending logs in the first course), Or Walk on a tight steel rope, while holding onto suspended swinging ropes for support.

Repeat for at least 5 such spaced rungs, and then get to the rest before the next challenge. The challenge intensifies as you progress.

Package inclusions;

  • Return transport in a luxury tour van.
  • Ten and 4 o’clock tea served with snacks
  • Buffet lunch.
  • 1 litre drinking water.
  • Professional team building facilitator where applicable.
  • Guides and motivational speakers where applicable.
  • Professional photography.

Package exclusions;

  • Personal expenses.
  • Extra meals and drinks
  • Extra activities outside the package.

Important notes;

  • Rates are per person based on minimum 28 people per bus.
  • Rates are subject to the total number of participants( the more the cheaper)

These are introductory 2020 packages great offers await on confirmation