Like a chain, a team is only as strong as it weakest link! Take collaboration and teamwork to new levels with our team building package. You can hold your team building event in the wild, dense forest or beach or even right in the middle of Nairobi. Our modules do not include cliché candy coated fun, fruitless day at the spa or worthless consultant rhetoric. As a team player ourselves we get it and have the tools to bring it to you.

It’s more than your usual fun and game, its rigor in deep development based in simulations and our honed skills in holding people responsible for their excellence.  Depending on your team building objectives, this exercises may be combined with training to focus on the following:Customer Service, Leadership Training, Change Management, Motivational Talks, Personal Development, and Financial Management.

Our approach is learner friendly, centered and patterned to the experiential learning cycle where participants once presented with concrete situations will be facilitated to reflect and make observations. We help form behaviors and set a context for employee and team excellence. Our goal is to build alignment, innovation, inspiration and commitment every day not just that fleeting high after a motivational seminar or workshop.