Severin Safari Camp is hidden in the remote Kitani Wildlife area of Tsavo West National Park overlooking the Mt. Kilimanjaro. The eco friendly luxury camp offers a unique combination of adventure, wellness and relaxation for the sophisticated traveler who loves romantic pampering and unique wildlife experiences. The remote location of the camp and that it is unfenced allows wildlife to cross the floodlit waterholes. Masai warriors guard the camp ground 24 hours and accompany guests after darkness to and from the tents. We recommend guests to visit the Mzima Springs, Roaring Rocks, Rhino Sanctuary, Poacher's Lookout, Taita and Chyulu Hills, Chaimu Crater and the various lava caves as the Laviathan.

The Khama Rhino Sanctuary Trust is a community based wildlife project, established in 1992 to assist in saving the vanishing rhino, and to restore an area formerly teeming with wildlife to its previous natural state. Severin Safari Camp is accessible either by regular scheduled flights from Mombasa and Nairobi Wilson airport or by short private charter flights. The nearest airstrips are Finch Hattons and Kilanguni (both about a 30 minute drive from the Camp) all which are serviced by the daily schedule flights from Nairobi Wilson operated by Safari Link and from Mombasa by Mombasa Air Safari. The Camp is also accessible by road and is located 250 kilometers away from Mombasa and Nairobi.