Night Safari From USD 95

The Bush at night

A day on safari is a wonderful thing, but so is what happens when the sun sets. The cares of mankind shift perspective as night falls, with infinitely distant stars shining brilliantly onto nature’s darkened canvas, unspoiled by city lights. As the darkness deepens, sounds change and a new cast of creatures begin to roam and skulk. This is a world our ancestors knew and perhaps feared: for us, it is a heartfelt joy.

When the sun sets across, nature shuffles her deck, revealing new players and dramas under the moonlit skies.

One of the unexpected highlights of a safari is the night show. Our bush safaris take place into the deepest of jungles giving our guests crystal-clear views of spectacular constellations. This may not be the main reason our guests visit, but will always leave you in awe of the majesty of African skies.

A night game drive is a wonderful opportunity to spot predators and prey alike. The well regulated lights of our vehicles illuminate an unseen world, unknown even to experienced safari adventurers. Spotting the shy nocturnal creatures who scuttle, feed and fight their way through the Bush at night can be every bit as exotic and exciting as sighting larger mammals during the day.

Guests need only look up to discover another wonder – a night sky obscured by light pollution. Galaxies of stars fill vast skies, adding yet another unexpected and rare dimension to life in the Bush.

Nature Walk From USD 45

Imagine the rush and tightening stomach, as you spot animals in their natural habitat from a vantage point reached purely on foot. We keep you completely safe, but this is the closest you will ever come to your own wild past, alert to nature and the echoes of ancestral hunter-gatherers.

Your qualified guide will bring you to within a safe distance of impala herds, zebra and sometimes giraffe, explaining the tracks, markings, droppings and plant life around you, whilst adding insights into Masai culture. You may never get closer to nature at its most raw and unspoiled!

  • Your safety is assured by an armed ranger, naturalist guide and Masai warrior
  • A following vehicle adds further reassurance and security
7-Day off the Beaten Path
balloon Safari

Mara Balloon Safari - From USD 395

Over the plains of Africa, an Aerial experience like no other!

You’ve always wanted to see the world from a balloon. Now’s your chance, especially when you realize that nothing beats the romance of drifting slowly over the plains of Africa. Whichever camps or lodges you choose in the Masai Mara or Amboseli, it’s the perfect place to make your safari.

Imagine: a balloon, framed against the rising sun, overlooking vast herds across Africa’s wide horizons. To share such a transformative moment, you’ll leave your camp or lodge in the early hours, so as to be airborne as dawn breaks. As you level out over the Masai Mara, a panoramic view touches the heart and quickens the senses.

After roving the skies, you land for a Bush champagne breakfast, before heading off for a game drive or returning to camp, having experienced the world from a whole new perspective.

  • Pick up from your lodge or camp by 4.30 am
  • Early morning game drive on route to the take-off point
  • Astonishing views of the Mara with professional safari guide and spotter
  • Flights last around an hour
  • Champagne breakfast included

Our Local Community Partners - From USD 30

In Kenya, we are fortunate to work side by side with impressive, inspirational tribes and culture. Pastoral and semi-nomadic, Kenyans have adapted to modernity, but retain a magical allure that is our own. Tall, athletic and blessed by super-senses, these warm and friendly men and women share a strong culture and love for nature.

Masai village visit

We highly recommend a visit to a local community or village to gain a rare insight into some of Africa best-known traditional cultures. Our relationship with local tribal elders has built trust and an agreement to allow us privileged access to authentic living history, perpetuated in the villages which border and share our spaces.

A village visit opens the door on a unique way of life and set of traditions. Your guide will drive you to the village where you will be received ceremoniously. Having been introduced, a host will give you a tour of the village, explaining the lifestyle and what lies inside one of the houses. Your ranger and spotter remain with you throughout the experience to help with communications. As a standalone visit, or in combination with other activities, this is a wonderful way to reconnect with a living culture – one that links all of us to our shared African past.

Al Fresco

Al Fresco Dining - Open Dining - From USD 75

Whether you join us to celebrate a birthday, wedding, family occasion or simply the freedom to travel, we want every meal on safari to surprise you, adding culinary delights to your safari memories. Eating al fresco (in the open) combines the delights of modern cuisine with a return to nature, dining out on the plains, just as our ancestors did.

We try to make every minute on safari as outstanding as possible – and an al fresco meal is bound to create wonderful memories. You could make it an option for your second evening, a way to celebrate your birthday, or a spontaneous last-minute decision: the choice is yours. Just say the word then we’ll do all we can to make your private dining experience extra-special.

Bush dinner-from Usd 130 for a minimum of 2 pax

As day gives way to night, we illuminate a unique rock amphitheater or cliff top point, or open savanna to make the evening more intimate. It’s hard to imagine a more magical place than a high peak, or open plains with great views that don’t offer alluring visions into the horizon. Here you can dine in splendid isolation, served directly from onsite supplies, enjoying private dining in a location like no other.

Your private bush breakfast-from Usd 50 per person

Picture an early morning wake-up call, followed by a drive into the wilderness. Then, as the sun rises and light floods the landscape, you hop down from your truck to survey a wonderland. Your table awaits you. No fellow diners: just you, the chef and your driver, with a hot meal and glass of bubbly alongside delicious buffet delicacies.

Wild Luxury Weddings

It is the biggest day of your life, so why not stage your wedding against the biggest backdrop on earth: the African plains? We’re licenced to host tailor-made luxury weddings at various beach resorts, lodges and camps in Kenya, so if you like the idea of getting married on safari, we’d love to make it happen.

Your big day made easy

Our wedding coordinator can guide you through pre-packaged or bespoke wedding and honeymoon arrangements. If you’d like to make life easy, just put everything in our hands. We can prepare the most wonderful combination of wedding, honeymoon and Wild Luxury safari experience for you and your guests, all right here in Kenya. We’ll make the arrangements, sort out the paperwork and book all the extras you require.

Unforgettable wedding venue

Should you choose us to plan your big day and a to start your new life together, your African wedding will begin with an exchange of vows in the most awe-inspiring of settings, with the sights, sounds and scents of the African Bush or beach combining to make multi-sensory magic. With secluded accommodation augmented by superb cuisine and outstandingly attentive service, this is not just another wedding: it’s an unforgettable one-off.

Your Wedding package includes

  • A decorated wedding location, featuring floral displays
  • Flowers for the bride and bridesmaid and a buttonhole for the groom and best man
  • A bottle of French Champagne and exclusive canapés for the ceremony
  • Wedding cake
  • A Masai wedding dance and wedding blessing from an elder
  • Witnesses (your guests, or you can choose traditional tribesmen/or any person of your choice)
  • A private wedding dinner on your tent deck, illuminated by magical candlelight
  • Exclusive use of one of our 4×4 safari vehicles throughout your wedding day
Wild Luxury Weddings
9-Day Kenya's Pride Safari - Romantic Safari

Luxury Safari Honeymoon

Nature’s most stunning backdrop creates a magical honeymoon destination, under wide African skies. Here, newlyweds can look back on their special day from a blissful world of tranquility. No responsibilities. No hassles. Just time to relax after the social whirl, letting time slip past whilst contemplating a new life together.

A safari beach or bush honeymoon embeds unforgettable memories. Inspired by the timeless wonders of our African setting, each celebration is also a reconnection with what really matters – such as time, conversation, shared experiences, love and nature. We add a specially appointed honeymoon tented suites, some bubbles and a private breakfast. This is life lived in the moment – but experienced together.

Bespoke itinerary

Our safari honeymoon experts would love to compile a bespoke honeymoon itinerary for you. Perhaps you could start at Mara Bushtops, home to a magnificent private Conservancy and award-winning spa. Whether you experience one, or two safari camps, each will add vistas and indelible memories to the start of a thrilling new adventure: marriage.

Scenic Adventures

Embark on some of the most memorable experiences in Africa with our scenic adventure packages.

We create experiential tailor-made journeys throughout East and southern Africa, for families, couples and small private groups that can be personalized to your specific needs.

Our aim is to enrich, educate and enlighten through the unique experiences we build into each journey. Choose from our handpicked selection of packages or be inspired to create a bespoke itinerary designed by you, for you. Our unique flying safari packages give you the flexibility to discover remote destinations or create itineraries not available on scheduled air routes. We can also access the most coveted accommodation and arrange exclusive insider-access local experiences, creating a truly unique and unforgettable trip.

Experience the panoply of Africa in style. From epic game drives, unique landscapes, stylish lodges, camps or houseboat, to just relaxing in comfort throughout your journey, our off the beaten track 13-day journey through the heart of Africa visits extraordinary locations and cultures in Zambia, Botswana, Malawi and Tanzania.

Flexibility and freedom for less than you might think

Having your own aircraft at your disposal means the freedom to choose your own schedule. Our private air charter solutions are cost efficient and comfortable with services to luxury safari camps, game lodges and beach destinations in Kenya, Tanzania and Zanzibar, Uganda, Rwanda and Ethiopia.

Why use an executive air charter on safari?

One plane, one pilot, makes for a completely private experience

  • Luxury and comfort: flying on holiday should be a pleasure. We’ll make your charter experience as luxurious and comfortable as possible
  • Your own schedule: create your own itinerary and fly at your own pace
  • Choice of aircraft: We’ll help you select the aircraft most suitable to your specific needs
  • Privacy and security: A private charter guarantees your privacy, and we will work closely with your security provider on all aspects of your charter
  • Access to more safari destination airports: Avoid lengthy road transfers and simply arrive closer to your final destination than a scheduled service might allow
  • No queues: avoid check in queues and unnecessary delays; board the aircraft minutes before take-off
  • Global coverage: no matter where you want to fly to or from, our international network of offices provides you with local knowledge on a global scale

Our private executive air charter aircraft relative size and short field operating capabilities, allow us to reach remote destinations and places with little or no infrastructure – especially helpful for passengers travelling to off the beaten track safari destinations.

scenic adventures
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